Sunday, November 30, 2008


Hi ya all!

Hoping every one is well! Im not too bad, sitting at about 97.5! Thank goodness. I have a few more days left on liquids and then move to the mushies!

On Friday night, it was my work Christmas party, it was a Christmas dinner, and seafood. However I spoke with the fuctions lady at the Pineapple Hotel, and arranged to have the chef make me a stew, so as I was still able to eat with group! People can be realy accommodating when you tell them that you have had a lapband! I just told the chef that it needed to be the consistency of custard! Problem solved! I also drank apple juice out of a wine glass! As I don’t really need alcohol, im silly enough!

Besides that, the weekend was glum. I did not really do much else. I was actually too tired to SHOP on Saturday! Shock Horror! Robbie worked on Sunday. So I went to the shops just for a wander and to get robbies Xmas present! With out him with me! I got his real pressie today! Its massive and I need help from one of the boys to get it in the car! And I cant wait for him to use it!

The next 23 days at work is going to be hell! My boss will be on holidays, and its up tp me to reach the service budget! So I will be Head down bum up for the entire time! However I think I need some tablets to help me concentrate! I get side tracked very easily!

2 more days and I hear from APRA! This would be the best ever Christmas present! I cant wait! Im just hoping its positive! Any way! Keep up the goodwork girls! And I think you need to check out this group


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