Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A frown is smile upside down! (so i did a handstand)

Hey Everyone,

Feeling poo today - my first downer day! I will be better tomorrow! Everything is brighter in the morning!! :) And, Tomorrow is late night shopping! Nothing like retails therpy!!!

Hope you are all having a great day!

Happy Birthday to Maddie! Hope all your dreams come true in the year to come! :) Lani - I hope your ok after your op! call me any time sweets!


Looking forward to the weekend, im heading to the coast! :) To see all my girls! :) Just like High School again! :) I have arranged my birthday ALREADY - (its not till 7th Feb) But i have a few girls coming up and we will be staying at the sofitel for 3 nights - and going out! And, Im having a party on the 7th - at Jupiters! CANT WAIT! YYYY

Friday, December 5, 2008

My Halo almost choked me!!! But i pulled it back up! PHEW!


I jumped on the scales this morning… (after my wee) and I was like 96.6kgs! I had to look twice. Its freaking amazing what exercise does! I swear! The 30 mins of walking on my deadly treadly in the morning are paying off!!

However I must admit that I do have to YELL at myself to stay on there! I hit 20 mins, and the devil on my shoulder says “ yea, its all good, 20 mins is great, its 20 mins more then you would have done” and then the angle kicks her off and says, “Just stay here for another 10 mins, you will feel so much better, and know that you have really worked” And they continue to fight…. BUT while they are fighting, I am not even noticing that I have stayed on there for another 10 mins! Hahaha… Im a dick! So 2.3kms later – im off, and in the shower! NICE! However, the other day I did try jogging! It was good, 1 min on, 1 min walking. THEN, I called the surgery, and the nurse said its not such a good idea yet, as I could tear the stiches!! SHIT! I cant even do my dance video! Would some one please tell me what the diff is between Mushies and just chewing the food up really good!? I mean really!? I cant tell! I had spag bol mince and chewed the shit outta it! My jaw hurt! Lol….. but is that mushie!?

So – I have a few BIG days ahead of me! SOOO busy!! Getting my hair cut, working, cleaning, Christmas decs, family dinner for 8 – we are cooking, dog washing, clothes washing.. Oh the list could go on! Hahaha…

Well , im going to bed! Im rooted! Night girls… have a great weekend… Cant wait to meet you girls…. Sami, Lani & Maddie! XOXOXO (L)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I am getting goose bumps just writing this! But APRA approved my application today! I was getting ready for a fight, but she said, "its all been approved! You wil get the letter in the mail!" I screamed out loud - "I COULD KISS YOUR BUM AND MARRY YOU"! lol... the poor girl!!

So, my application has been approved for $5978! Thank god! Best Christmas present ever!!!

Any way! Thats all i have to report! Im just glad and thankful for my new banding buddies! You girls make this so easy to deal with!