Friday, October 3, 2008

I Did it!

Yup! Its done, I have made the decision! on Thursday i went to the Dr's and i had some back up, (My husband and best friend)! I needed another few sets of ears... I had them to listen and take it all in.... As all i could think about was... "What if he wont give it too me... what if he thinks im too big, or short, or not enough will power, or i did not wear my hair right, and he does not like me!" I was sure the Dr would turn around and tell me that he would not operate on me! I was wrong!!! Prior to walking into his rooms, i was so nervous! I never get nervous, not even for job interviews. My nerves did not last long.

When we walked into his office, he started off on a massive speech, about the surgery and how he does it, and the complications... bla bla bla... And, one he had finished it was question time! My only real question was if and how long before i could have a baby... SO, to cut a long story short, I am booked in for 19th November 2008! Now everyone keep their fingers and toes crossed.... DAMN APRA!
Night... PEACE OUT! Gems.