Friday, May 15, 2009

Yes, Im alive, I THINK

Ok, so where do i start!? This is going to be a really rough post, and im not even going to correct my spelling, as i cant be Stuffed....

So, Its been like 3 months since my last post, and well... im still losing weight! Even though i SHOULD be putting it on! I am 4 months preggers... I was so excited to hear this... and thats all i ever wanted... And then my world turned to shit!!!

My husband decided that he was No longer in love with me, and that he did not know what he wanted. All he knew, was that he wanted some space. And just wants to be friends...

I have no idea where to go from here! I am lost, and heart broken and everything in between, plus more. As you could imagine, i am just fucked.

I dont know if i keep the baby! I was booked in for a termination the other day. We arrived, had my scan, booked in, and then waited. They then told me that i was too far, and they could not carry out the procedure! I was lost for words....

The whole reason we considered this, was due to the freaking hospital calling me and telling me that there is a 1 in 100 chance that the baby could have spina bifida. SHIT! So, we went and had a proper scan, and the baby is very healthy! Its a little girl...

BUT, i dont think i can raise a baby by my self! I am so lost! I miss my husband so much!

Im giving him his space, and seeing where that takes us... and all i can do right now, is try and be positive for me & my baby girl.... (ps her name is Poppi).

SO, yea, thats my life for the past 3 months...

Oh, and i fit into a size 14 jeans... YAY! But there is a whole baby bump there!

Take care and hope you are all going well... :)

Gems & Poppi.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Ok, So i know i have been slack, but to be honest, i dont really have much to report! Just doing my thing! And loosing weight!

I hope all you girls are going well with your loss.... :)

Take care -


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A frown is smile upside down! (so i did a handstand)

Hey Everyone,

Feeling poo today - my first downer day! I will be better tomorrow! Everything is brighter in the morning!! :) And, Tomorrow is late night shopping! Nothing like retails therpy!!!

Hope you are all having a great day!

Happy Birthday to Maddie! Hope all your dreams come true in the year to come! :) Lani - I hope your ok after your op! call me any time sweets!


Looking forward to the weekend, im heading to the coast! :) To see all my girls! :) Just like High School again! :) I have arranged my birthday ALREADY - (its not till 7th Feb) But i have a few girls coming up and we will be staying at the sofitel for 3 nights - and going out! And, Im having a party on the 7th - at Jupiters! CANT WAIT! YYYY

Friday, December 5, 2008

My Halo almost choked me!!! But i pulled it back up! PHEW!


I jumped on the scales this morning… (after my wee) and I was like 96.6kgs! I had to look twice. Its freaking amazing what exercise does! I swear! The 30 mins of walking on my deadly treadly in the morning are paying off!!

However I must admit that I do have to YELL at myself to stay on there! I hit 20 mins, and the devil on my shoulder says “ yea, its all good, 20 mins is great, its 20 mins more then you would have done” and then the angle kicks her off and says, “Just stay here for another 10 mins, you will feel so much better, and know that you have really worked” And they continue to fight…. BUT while they are fighting, I am not even noticing that I have stayed on there for another 10 mins! Hahaha… Im a dick! So 2.3kms later – im off, and in the shower! NICE! However, the other day I did try jogging! It was good, 1 min on, 1 min walking. THEN, I called the surgery, and the nurse said its not such a good idea yet, as I could tear the stiches!! SHIT! I cant even do my dance video! Would some one please tell me what the diff is between Mushies and just chewing the food up really good!? I mean really!? I cant tell! I had spag bol mince and chewed the shit outta it! My jaw hurt! Lol….. but is that mushie!?

So – I have a few BIG days ahead of me! SOOO busy!! Getting my hair cut, working, cleaning, Christmas decs, family dinner for 8 – we are cooking, dog washing, clothes washing.. Oh the list could go on! Hahaha…

Well , im going to bed! Im rooted! Night girls… have a great weekend… Cant wait to meet you girls…. Sami, Lani & Maddie! XOXOXO (L)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I am getting goose bumps just writing this! But APRA approved my application today! I was getting ready for a fight, but she said, "its all been approved! You wil get the letter in the mail!" I screamed out loud - "I COULD KISS YOUR BUM AND MARRY YOU"! lol... the poor girl!!

So, my application has been approved for $5978! Thank god! Best Christmas present ever!!!

Any way! Thats all i have to report! Im just glad and thankful for my new banding buddies! You girls make this so easy to deal with!


Sunday, November 30, 2008


Hi ya all!

Hoping every one is well! Im not too bad, sitting at about 97.5! Thank goodness. I have a few more days left on liquids and then move to the mushies!

On Friday night, it was my work Christmas party, it was a Christmas dinner, and seafood. However I spoke with the fuctions lady at the Pineapple Hotel, and arranged to have the chef make me a stew, so as I was still able to eat with group! People can be realy accommodating when you tell them that you have had a lapband! I just told the chef that it needed to be the consistency of custard! Problem solved! I also drank apple juice out of a wine glass! As I don’t really need alcohol, im silly enough!

Besides that, the weekend was glum. I did not really do much else. I was actually too tired to SHOP on Saturday! Shock Horror! Robbie worked on Sunday. So I went to the shops just for a wander and to get robbies Xmas present! With out him with me! I got his real pressie today! Its massive and I need help from one of the boys to get it in the car! And I cant wait for him to use it!

The next 23 days at work is going to be hell! My boss will be on holidays, and its up tp me to reach the service budget! So I will be Head down bum up for the entire time! However I think I need some tablets to help me concentrate! I get side tracked very easily!

2 more days and I hear from APRA! This would be the best ever Christmas present! I cant wait! Im just hoping its positive! Any way! Keep up the goodwork girls! And I think you need to check out this group


Saturday, November 22, 2008

a day to member!

Today is a milestone!

I am under 100 kgs! FINALLY! Have not been here since 2-3 years! YEAAAA HAAA! Im pretty happy with that! :o) 99.5. J Its still under 100. And the funny thing is, when I went to type my weight, I actually typed a 1 first! Lol… No longer a 1 in front of my weight and there never will be again! J

Not much to report really! I have just been gemma-ring about. I have been very tired! I had asleep today, as I went into work for about 4 hours! And will tomorrow! Im kinda getting myself back into it! Its hard though! Lol.

I have not been hungry really! I just want to chew something! Instead of Drink it! Lol. I have been having vegie soups blended up. And I can currently smell my wonderful husbands Lamb Stew! I love it! He puts every veggie in it and mint sauce! Im very lucky to have him.

My Mum was with me for the week and she was a great help! It was good to have her here for the week. She did all the washing for me. And was good company!

Any way, I was going to post some hospital pics, but they are a tad gory! They are pics of my staples! They look so funny! Fancy using staples!

Well I hope you all have a great weekend and I will talk to you all shortly!

(L) gems.