Friday, December 5, 2008

My Halo almost choked me!!! But i pulled it back up! PHEW!


I jumped on the scales this morning… (after my wee) and I was like 96.6kgs! I had to look twice. Its freaking amazing what exercise does! I swear! The 30 mins of walking on my deadly treadly in the morning are paying off!!

However I must admit that I do have to YELL at myself to stay on there! I hit 20 mins, and the devil on my shoulder says “ yea, its all good, 20 mins is great, its 20 mins more then you would have done” and then the angle kicks her off and says, “Just stay here for another 10 mins, you will feel so much better, and know that you have really worked” And they continue to fight…. BUT while they are fighting, I am not even noticing that I have stayed on there for another 10 mins! Hahaha… Im a dick! So 2.3kms later – im off, and in the shower! NICE! However, the other day I did try jogging! It was good, 1 min on, 1 min walking. THEN, I called the surgery, and the nurse said its not such a good idea yet, as I could tear the stiches!! SHIT! I cant even do my dance video! Would some one please tell me what the diff is between Mushies and just chewing the food up really good!? I mean really!? I cant tell! I had spag bol mince and chewed the shit outta it! My jaw hurt! Lol….. but is that mushie!?

So – I have a few BIG days ahead of me! SOOO busy!! Getting my hair cut, working, cleaning, Christmas decs, family dinner for 8 – we are cooking, dog washing, clothes washing.. Oh the list could go on! Hahaha…

Well , im going to bed! Im rooted! Night girls… have a great weekend… Cant wait to meet you girls…. Sami, Lani & Maddie! XOXOXO (L)


Tracey said...

Hi There, I follow your story through your blog, [thanks for sharing] and I noticed that you accessed your super. My best friend is looking into having the surgery and I told her about apra. She hasn't phoned them yet, but she saw the surgeon, not a problem, the surgeon wrote the letter for her already. Then she visited her GP, who obviously doesn't believe in the surgery, because after 20 questions asking her why she felt like she needed the surgery, he finally said, well it will cost you a fortune! She said, i am going to access my super and he told her that she would only be able to do that if she had cancer or if she had absolutely no money at all as it was means tested.

As I know that you have already accessed yours, could you please tell me if it was means tested? What process was it and how long did it take? Did you have to have a letter from your surgeon and your GP? Anything else that i should know about so I can pass it on to my friend?

Sorry about all the questions, and thanks for blogging, I love following your journey.


SkinnieMinnie said...

Wow awesome work Gems! Can't wait to meet everyone soon also xx